Current Happenings

Day 18 in the Big Brother 17 house

HoH: Shelli

Nominated: Da'Vonne and John

PoV: John

Have-Nots: Steve, Jason, Meg, and James

Big Brother Bulletin Board

Week 2:
Kathy Griffin introduces this weeks BB Takeover twist. A phone will appear in the house. The 7th person to answer it will get to nullify three votes at the next eviction.
Becky and Shelli won HOH.
Steve, Meg, Jason, and James are have-nots.
Becky nominated Steve/Jason. Shelli nominated Da'Vonne/John.
Steve and Jason won the battle of the block.
Shelli, Da'Vonne, John, Meg, Steve, and Clay played in the veto competition.
John won the PoV.

Week 1:
Clay, Meg, James, Audrey, Shelli, Jace, Austin, and Da'Vonne entered the Big Brother house.
Battle Of The Block is back this season.
BB Takeover Twist is announced. New twist every week.
Da'Vonne sat out of the HoH competition. James wins HoH.
Jason, Steve, Vanessa, Liz, Becky, and John enter the house.
Phil (Amazing Race host) introduces two past racers has houseguests.
Jeff and Jackie enter the house.
Vanessa sits out of the 2nd HoH competition. Jason wins HoH.
James nominated Steve and Jackie for eviction.
Jason nominated Becky and John for eviction.
Becky and John won the Battle of The Block.
James picked Da'Vonne, Liz, and Vanessa to be have-nots.
James, Steve, Jackie, Jason, John, and Becky are playing in the PoV competition.
Steve won the PoV and used it on himself. James nominated Jace in his place.
By a vote of 12-1, Jace was evicted from the Big Brother house.